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"The Why"

Hi beautiful! Before anything, else we want to say a big thank you for choosing Glam Tan New Zealand to be your glow technicians!  We know you're here looking for a great airbrush tan, let us tell you why you need to choose Glam Tan NZ for your upcoming spray tan service.

Glam Tan Toronto was originally established in 2017 by business owner Aimee Collins who reigns from little old New Zealand; the south pacific part of the world where due to severe climate change there literally is no ozone layer and with that being said, the risk of skin cancer such as melanoma is one of the highest rates in the world.   To achieve the "just of the beach" desired tan in that part of the world would mean subjecting your skin to those dangerous and harsh UV rays, that would ultimately end up doing more irreversible damage then good!  There had to be another way... In 2004 Aimee started doing her research on how to tan safely and that's where she found spray tanning to be the safest alternative!  

After years of Aimee being her own test project using self application tanning creams, sprays, mousses, gels and experiencing nearly every tanning disaster you could think of she finally turned to airbrush spray tanning attempting to achieve that glamorous exotic glow and healthy tan.  It without a doubt is the best way to keep your skin safe and glowing year round.  Experiencing many spray tans herself from various technicians some good, some not so good, she learnt what it really takes to apply the best spray tan, developed her own technique, found the best solution and finally brought Glam Tan Toronto to life in 2017, she has since relocated the business back to New Zealand where there is a greater need for a safer tanning alternative.  

A Word From Aimee - founder of glam tan nz

As a trained Makeup Artist and Cosmetician working in the beauty industry with luxury products like Christian Dior, Chanel, MAC, La Biosthetique and Clarins for over 10 years I've seen and had my fair share of good and bad tans.  I'm a firm believer in taking care of your skin.  Our skin is the largest organ of our body, we need to nourish and take care of it and that means being aware of what's going on top of it from skin care, tanning solutions and UV rays/lights, being the most damaging of them all! 

Airbrush spray tanning has created a safe alternative for glowing skin season round, and the products we use at Glam Tan are organic, gluten & paraben free, totally safe for your skin.  I personally know because I research and source them from the best suppliers, not only that they all get tested on me before I allow them to be used on my clients, I truly wouldn't allow anything on your skin I wasn't happy with and that's my promise.   If you need any more proof just check out our testimonials below and see what these babes have to say about our service and products...

I’m a firm believer in taking care of your skin and airbrush spray tanning has created a safe alternative for glowing skin season round
— Aimee Collins


Meet Aimee

Hey Gorgeous!

You know what they say "glowing skin is always in" so are you ready to look golden and glam?  Trust me when I say, I've got you covered. I will customize your glow using only my best products to develop the most glam looking tan for your skin, colour match guarantee. 

Can't wait to see you glow; book with me now!    



They said it!


Isabel Lahela

“I love GlamTan Toronto! Always the perfect, natural colour! GlamTan helps me get the perfect, even glow for photo shoots while staying sun and skin safe!”


Pricsilla Taveres

“Super happy with Glam Tan’s quality of spray tan! While most are irritating to my skin, this organic colour perfection formula both feels and looks amazing. Best realistic spray tan I’ve ever had!!”


Sarah Bogue

"I can’t speak more highly of Aimee at Glamtan Toronto! The tan turned out absolutely amazing, the perfect bronzed beach glow, coloured to perfection! Not only did the tan dry super fast but the products are all gluten free, organic and cruelty free, which makes such a difference! Would highly recommend her services to everyone <3"


Kara Granger Miss Globe Canada

"My Spraytan looked absolutely fantastic for all of the events I had to go to, it was very long lasting and the Color was perfect."